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Give A Cup

Give A Cup


We get emails all the time about being turned on to Jiva Cubes from a referral or cubes received from a friend. We love those emails and appreciate those amazing people sharing our coffee cubes amongst their friends and loved ones.

To help make sharing Jiva a little bit easier we have started the “Give A Cup” program. To participate all you have to do is refer a friend you think would enjoy or benefit from using Jiva Cubes. You will automatically receive a 15% off coupon you can use on your next purchase of coffee cubes and your friend will receive a couple of different cubes to try out in the mail. There is no cost necessary to you or your friend!



Fill out the form below to get your 15% coupon and send your friend coffee cubes to sample.

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(Coupon will be automatically emailed to you once the form is sent. 1 set of samples limit per household.)




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