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Jiva Cubes in: General Electric’s Inventor’s Toolbox –GE logo

For Inventor’s Day this year (February 11th) General Electric created an Inventor’s Toolbox General Electric partnered up with Quarterly, an subscription box service curated by amazing creators across the world, to create a box filled with items that encourage people to bring their ideas to life. Jiva Cubes were included in this awesome limited edition...

5 coffee-related essentials for business travelers – USA Today

5 coffee-related essentials for business travelers – USA Today – Travel Road Warrior Voices 2. Jiva Java Cubes ($5/4 pack). These sugar cube-like coffee blocks – made from family-farmed Colombian coffee, and coming in flavors like black, French vanilla, hazelnut and caramel – dissolve in hot water or milk for a java boost. Despite being...

Jiva Cubes in: Jaime King: What’s In My Bag? – US Weekly

Jaime King: What’s In My Bag? – US Weekly For Jaime King, good things really do come in small packages. “When people use big bags, they carry things they don’t need,” the Hart of Dixie actress, Plenti rewards card spokeswoman, and mom of James, 22 months, and Leo, nearly 1 month (with director husband Kyle...

Epicurious – Coffee in Your Pocket? Yes, Meet Jiva Cubes

Epicurious – Coffee in Your Pocket? Yes, Meet Jiva Cubes   Love coffee, but hate instant? Jiva Cubes might be the answer you’re looking for. The fledging company has sourced top-quality beans from a longtime coffee-growing family in Colombia and turned them into compact little cubes so you can carry your java wherever you go...

Oprah Magazine – Brighten Your Morning with Jiva Cubes

Oprah Magazine – Brighten Your Morning with Jiva Cubes   Check us out in Oprah Magazine’s July Issue. We are a great way to save precious minutes during your hectic mornings! Read more amazing Life Upgrades in the magazine.    

Vegan Coffee Cubes: Jiva Coffee on the Go

If you are looking for vegan coffee cubes for your life on the go, look no further – here is the Jiva Coffee Cubes review. Posted in: Food & Recipes, Review | April 23, 2014 at 10:57 am ­Like many people, I’m typically not one for instant coffee. So when I received the Jiva coffee...

Wall Street Journal- How to Prepare for Crowdfunding

How to Prepare for Crowdfunding   The popular perception of fundraising sites like Kickstarter is that entrepreneurs can cut out a lot of the legwork of landing money. But experts say that’s far from true. A successful campaign takes plenty of advance planning—as well as constant involvement along the way—to keep backers happy and new...

Examiner- Coffee On the Go, Perfect for Stocking your Christmas List

Jiva Coffee Cubes, instant coffee Rating: 5 Stars Ever wished instant coffee did not have that “instant” grainy taste? Or that superb tasting coffee was not so pricey? Want coffee on-the-go along with a little difference? Jiva Cubes are now here: All you need to do is open one of the convenient single packed coffee...

Funded Kickstarters: Food Products We Can’t Wait To Buy (VIDEOS)

Funded Kickstarters: Food Products We Can’t Wait To Buy (VIDEOS)   Kickstarter projects are a sign of our culture’s increasing reliance on crowdsourcing and, in this case, crowdfunding. While you can find everything from games to tech innovations hoping to acquire funding, it’s the food campaigns that interest us the most (no surprise there).  ...

Money Monday: Kickstarter- WSVN FOX

Do you have a great idea for a project or business but don’t have the funds to get started? 7s Lynn Martinez shows us how some people are using a popular website to kick start their dreams in tonight’s Money Monday. WSVN — Natalia Rodriguez is building her dream business. This FIU senior is the...

Jiva Coffee Cubes- EvolutionofaFoodie.com

“I had watched Dodger’s review of these Jiva coffee cubes over on her YouTube channel, and she recommended them. Dodger drinks a lot of coffeh, so I trusted her judgment on this. Jiva’s coffee cubes originally started as a Kickstarter, but they fully funded, and you can order these cubes over on their website. That...

Jiva Coffee Cubes- Wasabi Mountain

Jiva Coffee Cubes have it all… in a neat little portable package. This Kickstarter project from Natalia and Allen combines raw sugar and high quality coffee into a cube that dissolves into water. The coffee is made by using a freeze dry method, meaning you don’t get any of the nasty chemical taste. Jiva uses...

Jiva Instant Coffee Cubes- Top Food Labs (Netherlands)

Jiva cubes is all you need for a nice cup of coffee packed in a neat little portable package. This kickstarter project from a couple combines raw sugar and high quality coffee into a cube that dissolves into water. The coffee is made by using a freezie dry method. Jiva uses only Excelso beans that...

Review: Jiva Coffee Cubes- Healthy Way To Cook

There’s nothing quite like freshly ground and brewed coffee to wake you up. Unfortunately, many of us don’t have the time or equipment to make our own when we need a midday java fix, leaving us to shell out a couple of bucks at the nearest coffee shop or reach for a packet of instant....

Artisan Coffee in a Cube- PSFK.COM

A cup of coffee in the morning is almost as necessary an alarm clock. Without liquid joe, it is difficult to wake up. Trouble is, a lot of us don’t have the time to hand-grind artisanal coffee, yet instant Nescafe, though convenient, is never quite as good. Jiva Cubes are a new kind of instant...

Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival to Jiva Cubes- The Boston Globe

GOURMET COFFEE IN YOUR POCKET When you’re on the road, in the air, or hiking in the wilderness, a good cup of java can be hard to find. Now a new company offers a solution for coffee-obsessed travelers. Jiva Cubes are individually wrapped instant coffee cubes for those on the go. Made from free-trade Colombian...

My Review: Jiva Coffee Cubes – In The Know Traveler

I am Addicted to Coffee. My coffee addiction has cost me both time and money, especially when traveling. And, while I did grow up on Folgers Crystals, my tastes have changed and developed, especially with the introduction of Starbucks during my teen years. Aside from being addicted, I have become a coffee snob, and if...

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