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Jiva Coffee Cubes- EvolutionofaFoodie.com

Jiva Coffee Cubes- EvolutionofaFoodie.com

“I had watched Dodger’s review of these Jiva coffee cubes over on her YouTube channel, and she recommended them. Dodger drinks a lot of coffeh, so I trusted her judgment on this. Jiva’s coffee cubes originally started as a Kickstarter, but they fully funded, and you can order these cubes over on their website. That is what I did after watching Dodger’s review, I got an assorted box, with everything from Classic Coffee, to Caramel Hot Chocolate in the box. It did take quite a while to get these shipped to my house, almost a month, but I imagine this was to ensure I was getting the freshest coffee cubes possible.”

To read more visit the site: http://www.evolutionofafoodie.com/2013/08/jiva-coffee-cubes.html


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Would you please buy these Jiva Cubes for me? The coffee looks delicious!


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