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Money Monday: Kickstarter- WSVN FOX

Money Monday: Kickstarter- WSVN FOX

Do you have a great idea for a project or business but don’t have the funds to get started? 7s Lynn Martinez shows us how some people are using a popular website to kick start their dreams in tonight’s Money Monday.

WSVN — Natalia Rodriguez is building her dream business.

This FIU senior is the creator of Jiva Cubes, instant sweet coffee designed for people on the go. She got the idea on a trip to colombia.

Natalia Rodriguez: “I found these little fruit-flavored sugar cubes and I thought it would be an amazing idea to make them into coffee.”

Natalia raised the money to start Jiva Cubes on a website called Kickstarter, a funding platform for all kinds of projects.

Natalia Rodriguez: “We raised $80,000 on Kickstarter which allowed us to buy our first machine, and this machine allows us to package the cubes and make them market ready.”

People all over the country use Kickstarter to get financial backing for projects that range from from new gadgets to fashion even films.

Read more: http://www.wsvn.com/features/articles/moneymondays/MI98865/#ixzz2bzB4POCa


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