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My Review: Jiva Coffee Cubes – In The Know Traveler

My Review: Jiva Coffee Cubes – In The Know Traveler


I am Addicted to Coffee.

My coffee addiction has cost me both time and money, especially when traveling. And, while I did grow up on Folgers Crystals, my tastes have changed and developed, especially with the introduction of Starbucks during my teen years. Aside from being addicted, I have become a coffee snob, and if there’s anything worse than an addicted coffee snob, it’s an addicted coffee snob with a career in the travel industry. I am unable to find words for what happens to me when I venture to a new and exciting place, and I cannot function because coffee is either not available or not up to par with what I’m used to. Yes, this is the snob talking.

Then I tried Jiva Cubes. No more will I fumble with instant coffee crystals in a huge glass jar or sugar from a plastic bag on long trips. No more will attempt to order an overpriced cup of Joe in a language I cannot speak. Now I have instant coffee cubes in a variety of flavors that are already sweetened. The ultimate kicker? They taste delicious.

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    Would you please buy these Jiva Cubes for me? The coffee looks delicious!


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