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Jiva Cubes are perfect for active lifestyles.

When planning a trip outdoors every detail counts. Whether you are camping, hiking, or RV’ers making things as simple and light as possible is an art and at Jiva we help you simplify your bag and your cup of coffee.

Instead of carrying extra gadgets or fumbling through weak instant crystals that evaporate from humidity carry Jiva Cubes and have coffee just seconds away.



Pack Smart 

Deciding which gadgets and coffee materials will make it in to your next trip can get difficult, especially when factoring in the size or weight constraints of your bag. Keep it minimal with all in one coffee cubes that include sweetened options and popular coffee house flavors.


Choose Simplicity

When going outdoors nature should be the focus. Instead of worrying about the multi-step coffee process and the clean up afterwards opt for Jiva Cubes. Just drop into hot water and after 45 seconds, stir to enjoy.


Be Authentic 

Get back to nature with pure ingredients. Our cubes have only two or three natural ingredients that are never processed in chemicals and include no artificial additives or flavoring. We are Vegan, NonGMO, Gluten Free, Kosher and Fair Trade.



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