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Review: Jiva Coffee Cubes- Healthy Way To Cook

Review: Jiva Coffee Cubes- Healthy Way To Cook

There’s nothing quite like freshly ground and brewed coffee to wake you up. Unfortunately, many of us don’t have the time or equipment to make our own when we need a midday java fix, leaving us to shell out a couple of bucks at the nearest coffee shop or reach for a packet of instant. Instant coffee has a reputation for producing a low-grade cup of joe, and most of the time it’s chosen for convenience, not taste. After visiting Colombia and trying their Panela-sweetened “Café en Cubos” (coffee in cubes), Natalia Rodriguez decided that there should be a comparable instant coffee option back in the States. She recruited Allen Gomberg and together they founded Jiva Cubes, a company that recreates the creamy, delicious cubes Natalia tasted in Colombia.

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