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We are proud to be a Kickstarter funded Product!


Jiva’s first shipment into the United States and our quest to make Jiva an amazing product was made possible by the amazing staff at Kickstarter for all of their hard work and all of the risk takers, you backers out there that were willing to take a chance on us. Money raised on our first funded Kickstarter project went to helping us bring in our first batch of cubes for our customers. During that time we packed, shipped and received reviews on our Classic and Mocha Coffee cubes and went right back to work refining our cubes and developing our line.

Our Kickstarter video (May 2012)
Eight months later we headed back to Kickstarter to test the full coffee cube line and debut our brand new Hot Chocolate cubes. Our project included the Classic and Mocha coffee cubes from the first campaign and Caramel coffee cubes and our Hot Chocolate cubes. We also created Strong Classic that is a 20% stronger than our Classic cubes and we created a Decaffeinated version of our Classic cubes for those with caffeine concerns. Our project’s goal was passed in the first week of the campaign leading our backers to vote in Hazelnut and French Vanilla as the next coffee cube flavors and Caramel Hot Chocolate cubes within the final hours of the campaign.  The money from this funded project went towards buying a packaging machine that would help us package the cubes in the best protective plastics and bringing our full line of flavors to supermarkets and distributors worldwide.


Our Second Kickstarter video (Feb 2013)

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