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Review: Jiva Coffee Cubes- Healthy Way To Cook

There’s nothing quite like freshly ground and brewed coffee to wake you up. Unfortunately, many of us don’t have the time or equipment to make our own when we need a midday java fix, leaving us to shell out a couple of bucks at the nearest coffee shop or reach for a packet of instant....

My Review: Jiva Coffee Cubes – In The Know Traveler

I am Addicted to Coffee. My coffee addiction has cost me both time and money, especially when traveling. And, while I did grow up on Folgers Crystals, my tastes have changed and developed, especially with the introduction of Starbucks during my teen years. Aside from being addicted, I have become a coffee snob, and if...

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Would you please buy these Jiva Cubes for me? The coffee looks delicious!


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