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As a grown man, it’s not often I’m excited about stuff in general.  However, today was different.  As today, I received my Kickstarter pack.  I wasn’t expecting it for another a week or so, so it was a bit of a surprise when I received it today.  As a grown man it’s not often I use the phrase OMG but today was one of those exceptions and that was before I’d even tried one of the cubes!
I had a cheeky (ahem!) starbucks earlier and was so surprised how much better and convenient the cubes were.  The only issue I have now is which one of the cubes to try next and will I get any sleep tonight because of all of caffeine I have in me.  So proud to have been part of something and to have helped out.  Looking forward to the future.
Many many thanks.
From a very wide awake,



I am dying to get my hands on the 10 boxes (2X Kickstarter Backer-Australia) as I have run out of all my jiva cubes 🙂 Thanks so much for making a great product

Glenn H.

I have had my Jiva coffee and hot chocolate cubes for a week now and I am really loving them. I have enjoyed them all, but think my favorite is the Hazelnut cause there is a nice “bite” to it that the others don’t have.

Next month I am going to spend a week visiting my sister– and I just realized how easy it will be to pack Jiva for travel. How perfect!

Jessica T.

I was skeptical of how well there would dissolve and taste, but let me tell you they are magnificent!!! I made a cup last nite and used two caramel coffee cubes.
I was HOOKED from my first sip!
The sweetness was perfect and I drink my coffee black with no additives(milk, coffee creamer or additional sugar).
I am so happy to have backed your project and you have a customer for life!!

Kimberly C.

I just wanted to post that my wife and I love our Jiva cubes! I gave one of each to my parents as well 🙂 I just wish I could buy more in a convenient fashion… we need these Jiva cubes at our local Whole Foods or Trader Joe!

Jin S.

Oh and about the hot chocolate, I love it. Reminds me of the hot chocolate my mom used to make when we moved to the US from the Philippines. I grew up drinking this kind of hot chocolate so it hit home really good. People can always add milk or whatever but I prefer it the way it is. Thanks.

James W.

Received my cubes yesterday. Just had my first cup of Jiva (my normal breakfast is coffee). This is good stuff. Going for second cup now. Thanks Jiva.

Robert D.

I love, love, LOVE your product! I have an afternoon “Jiva Latte” every day. My Keurig is dusty because of your guys, lol!!

Sarah S

I received mine today and I’m drinking the hazelnut now. Its good, in fact for an instant coffee it’s absolutely delicious!!

I really wasn’t sure about this project because I have totally hated any instant coffees I have ever tried but you had so many loyal backers that I figured I’d give it a shot.

Well you now have one more loyal backer/customer here. Good luck with everything!

Amanda M.

Finally got my Kickstarter cubes, and they were definitely worth the wait. Thanks guys!

Dan P.

Just got my stuff and love it. Pretty much this and pebble watches are what I consider the two best kickstarter projects I’ve backed to date. Looking forward to ordering more Jiva when I run out.

Michael A.

Received my reward cubes today. The new packaging is beautiful! Trying the caramel coffee now iced. It’s delicious!! Very excited to try the other flavors. So happy to be a part of your journey. It’s been interesting and fun to watch your growth and development of a great product from the beginning. I appreciate all your hard work. Great job!

Melissa B.

Having caramel this morning. Mmmmmm! It is really good. I added cream to mine (always do). It’s smooth and flavorful. I can see that this will be a staple in my travel bag. I’ll never have to drink bad coffee again! Thank you.

Arwen L.

For someone like me who ends up traveling a lot, these make a GREAT substitute for the nasty tar they try to serve on airplanes as coffee.

Far better than other instant coffees too, like those “Via” packets from Starbucks (which are almost as bad as airplane coffee).

Keith R.

Received my decaf cubes yesterday and made the decaf this morning, it is delicious!!! Thank you  for a terrific product, I will be happily bringing the cubes to work where there is no decaf available and making myself an excellent cup of coffee ever day…

I wish you much success!

Elizabeth K.

By the way it’s raining rather hard in California and I figured it was a good time to try the hot chocolate cubes – Absolutely Brilliant. Like you said, maybe not that ‘dark chocolate’ flavour most are looking for, but a rich, complex flavour and most certainly chocolate.

Needless to say, I’m extremely happy with everything provided by Jiva cubes!


I’ve receive the cubes on (France) and tried them all. Very good taste. I like vanilla and caramel. Thanks and see you soon 😀

Antoine M.

I received my order a few weeks ago and was extremely excited to try them even though I was planning to save them for a camping trip. I thought the hazelnut was delicious!
When I tried the classic cold, I thought it was delicious. Overall very happy, and now that I know there is a stronger flavor I’m excited to try more. I want to buy more for an upcoming camping trip

Virginia R.

11 days later, and I’m still very much enjoying m Jiva Coffee Cubes. I’m about half way through my first box hehe (and the sampler pack is long gone.)

Stephen S.

Mine arrived yesterday just in time for camping. I tried a classic strong with 4oz water and loved it. Nice and sweet but not too much. Im normally a plan espresso drinker, no sugar or cream. Loved the sweet side of the cubes.

Funny though, I was surprised how small they were. I still love my hand made espresso machine with PID, and will carry the aero press when traveling. These will become another flavor/caffeine option in my bag. Thanks

Stuart G.

Thank you again! They have been delicious and a great addition to bring to work! I’ve enjoyed the coffee as iced coffee so far!

Heather & Jim

My big box of coffee arrived on Monday! So far have only sampled the Classic Strong and it is good. Smells and tastes like coffee and is less sweet than the classic, just what I hoped. (I backed the previous Kickstarter and have ordered from the website.)

Larry T.

Received the cubes a few days ago. Tried them out and love them to bits! A little sweeter than I would normally take my coffee, but I am still enjoying them!

Nicolas F.

I just got The Coffee. I can buy many kind of instant coffee at japan’s super market. The taste is not natural. it’s like chemical 🙁 but, Jiva Coffee is very natural taste!! very good 🙂

Aono K.

Got mine today here in Ireland and tried the mocha. it was yum yum yum yummy. thanks.

Terry R.

From the UK and had mine delivered this morning. Taste a whole lot better than what I’ve been drinking til now!

Hywel P.

Just got my cubes outside of Toronto tonight. They smell great even while still in the packaging.

Chris M.

I really love your coffee. I’m a owner of a Danish company. I would like to order some coffee for my company so my employees can taste how coffee should taste.

Baron M.

Got mine yesterday!

Hazelnut, French vanilla, caramel, and mocha in the boxes, and I had cocoa in my sample bag. I must say, I love them!

I have a keurig coffee maker that pairs very well with these cubes.

I’m sipping a combination of caramel coffee and caramel cocoa with a bit of almond milk for creaminess and I must say it is purely divine.

I will definitely be buying more of these cubes. Blows the keurig k-cups out of the water in terms of quality and ease of use. I don’t even have to sweeten it!

Randy K.

I absolutely love the lemon cubes! I ordered these cubes months ago. Just getting around to writing a review. They are good hot or cold. Very refreshing. They are just amount of sweet and sour. You can add more cubes for a bigger serving. They also are yummy mixed with other juices. I will definitely be purchasing more for myself and others.


The coffee cubes are great, but these are the greatest! Not a traditional yellow glass of lemonade, this brown lemonade is insanely refreshing after working outside. I have to use 1 cube for every 4 oz of water to make them taste best. Also a very big plus, if you drink it to fast and spill some on yourself, it is not sticky like those sugar laden lemon tasting drinks. Smooth and Refreshing!

Patrick A.

I travel a lot in a VW camper and the cubes were a big hit last summer. I’m looking forward to showing the new flavors.

Jerry B.

Tasted the Caramel Coffee, and I must say that I almost never drink coffee, and when I do I add lot of sugar and milk and I still dont like it all that much… But I DID LIKE what you sent me and drink it without adding anything to it, it was sweet, thank you.

Janne K.

The new packaging is lovely, it looks much easier to open that the blister packs previously used. I can’t wait to try out one of the flavors tomorrow morning.
Now I have something to look forward to every morning!

Jennifer C.

I just wanted to congratulate you on your new business. Second I’m absolutely impressed with the presentation, the packing and of course the taste.
The taste of panela made me remember the taste of agua panela con leche. The convenience of not adding sugar is a plus and a time saver.
I defiantly see your business is going to flourish and you just got yourself a long-term customer. God bless your future endeavors in this business.

Anthony C.

Jiva Coffee Cubes tasting, night 3! Tonight is caramel hot chocolate. Two cubes in a 10 oz cup of half hot milk and half hot water = delicious! It’s not overly sweet, and it’s got a bit of a bite to it from the caramel. Definitely a grown-up’s hot cocoa.

Last night was hazelnut coffee, and the night before was french vanilla coffee. French vanilla is definitely my favourite, but hazelnut has got a good flavour to it, as well. Neither flavour needed to be further sweetened nor did I add any cream/milk. (The latter is extremely odd in my case!)

Flavours left to try: classic coffee, mocha coffee, caramel coffee, and hot chocolate.

Candice B.

I still use the Keurig…to heat up the water for my Jiva Coffee Cubes

Kevin J

I just wanted to say that I love your cubes! I was thoroughly impressed and definitely will be buying more from your website! Thank you so much!

April B.

Tried my cubes. Yummy, yummy, yummy! After the cube dissolves, it just has to be stirred so it doesn’t sit at the bottom. 1 cube per 6-8 ounces is perfect for me.
WISH I ordered more!

Jeffrey K.

I’ve received my Jiva cubes a couple of weeks ago. I’ve really been enjoying my morning cups of coffee. Today is Sunday and first thing this morning I made a bid cup of coffee with three cubes. It was delicious.
It was so good, I’m now heating up some more hot water for a “2-cube” mug! Thanks for coming up with and delivering upon your promise. I’m proud to be a Backer!

Tom M.

Very happy with the packaging and amazed at how much sweetness there can be packed in such a small cube.
Thinking about the ingredients and the kickstarter updates about how the cubes are made, the coffee tastes even twice as good!

Fuchs J.

I finally received the cubes few days ago in Tokyo. I love the strong classic. The hot days are still going on in Japan, so making and drinking iced milk coffee with the cubes are so fantastic!
Arigatou = Thanks Jiva-Cubes! d(>_<)Good!!

Hisako I.

The Jiva cubes are awesome. I actually had two cups of coffee today because of it!

Kristin G.


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