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the National Association of Coffee Farmers

the National Association of Coffee Farmers

The National Association of Coffee Farmers

We work with farmers from the National Association of Coffee Farmers and purchase exclusively from them in order to make sure our purchases are always promoting fair and sustainable practices. Here’s some info on the benefits that come with supporting the association and their programs:

The Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) is a social organization that represents over 563.000 small coffee growers within 20 departments of Colombia. The FNC counts with sustainability policies that impact the coffee growers, focusing mainly in the productive, social and environmental areas.

The FNC is a non-profit organization, funded by national and international resources. Among its various projects, it has created an institutional model which allows coffee growers to turn their collective savings into public goods of their own interest. With this sustainability model, since 1927 the FNC has managed to: ensure coffee growers purchased at transparent prices, develop scientific research projects, transfer new technologies to coffee fields, position Café de Colombia as the richest coffee in the world, and implement social programs in alliances in which the national and local governments, certain clients, the multilateral development banks, and international cooperation agencies participate.

For more info visit their website: click here!


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