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I’ve received my Jiva cubes a couple of weeks ago. I’ve really been enjoying my morning cups of coffee. Today is Sunday and first thing this morning I made a bid cup of coffee with three cubes. It was delicious.
It was so good, I’m now heating up some more hot water for a “2-cube” mug! Thanks for coming up with and delivering upon your promise. I’m proud to be a Backer!

Tom M.

Mine arrived yesterday just in time for camping. I tried a classic strong with 4oz water and loved it. Nice and sweet but not too much. Im normally a plan espresso drinker, no sugar or cream. Loved the sweet side of the cubes.

Funny though, I was surprised how small they were. I still love my hand made espresso machine with PID, and will carry the aero press when traveling. These will become another flavor/caffeine option in my bag. Thanks

Stuart G.

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Would you please buy these Jiva Cubes for me? The coffee looks delicious!


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