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5 coffee-related essentials for business travelers – USA Today

5 coffee-related essentials for business travelers – USA Today – Travel Road Warrior Voices 2. Jiva Java Cubes ($5/4 pack). These sugar cube-like coffee blocks – made from family-farmed Colombian coffee, and coming in flavors like black, French vanilla, hazelnut and caramel – dissolve in hot water or milk for a java boost. Despite being...

My Review: Jiva Coffee Cubes – In The Know Traveler

I am Addicted to Coffee. My coffee addiction has cost me both time and money, especially when traveling. And, while I did grow up on Folgers Crystals, my tastes have changed and developed, especially with the introduction of Starbucks during my teen years. Aside from being addicted, I have become a coffee snob, and if...

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