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Jiva Cubes in: General Electric’s Inventor’s Toolbox –GE logo

Jiva Cubes in: General Electric’s Inventor’s Toolbox –GE logo

For Inventor’s Day this year (February 11th) General Electric created an Inventor’s Toolbox

General Electric partnered up with Quarterly, an subscription box service curated by amazing creators across the world, to create a box filled with items that encourage people to bring their ideas to life.

Jiva Cubes were included in this awesome limited edition box.

We hope everyone that received their Inventor’s Toolbox was able to take a great cup of coffee with them, no matter where their passions led them!


To learn more about the box click here: https://www.facebook.com/GE/posts/787475704654059?comment_id=787650554636574&offset=0&total_comments=5


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Would you please buy these Jiva Cubes for me? The coffee looks delicious!


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